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I am a GP with more than 20 years experience in the medical profession. Within a few hours of starting to wear the Amega Bio-Energetic Bracelet, I started to notice a slight improvement in the mobility of my shoulder, and after a few days, I had full mobility of my shoulder again. Within the same period of time, I felt my cervical spine pain had gone completely. Provided I wear the Amega Bio-Energetic Bracelet, I am completely pain free and no longer take any pain relief medication.

Dr. Byron Jo Foster

I have used the Amega Amwandand bracelets with my loved ones, friends and myself. I am amazed with the fantastic results from those who have used the products. So far, it has improved sleeping problems, constinpation, indigestion, arthritis and various kinds of aches and pains. I even used the Amwand on my plants and they become healthier. I am very happy that Amega has brought my family and friends many health benefits, in addition to giving me an income.

Wendy Yeo

The Skeptic Receives the Wand and Shares Some Early Experiences

I received the Amega wand this past Tuesday, and I’ve had the opportunity to use it for several days. Here are some impressions/results:

  • Overall I feel more energy, both physically and mentally, a more positive attitude and a feeling of enhanced freedom (whatever that means!). To achieve this, I use the wand on the various energy centers as recommended by the use instructions.

  • Almost every time I use the wand, I can feel it’s energy working.

  • I use the wand on my lower back to maintain a pain free condition.

  • I read about people giving themselves “face lifts”, so I tried the wand on the entire area of my face. The skin became firmer and smoother after a single session, and my impression is that I look several years younger

  • I had some flaky skin patches in a couple of places on my face for 2 years now. After one session with the wand these disappeared (nothing else has worked on this, and it was most surprising).

I don’t think I can classify myself as a skeptic too much longer.