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Energy Drinks Healthy for you

Energy Drinks Healthy for you

Specially formulated for busy women of today

You are probably thinking…. How can there be Energy Drinks Healthy, Organic that can impact your life?……, Right?

Well please allow me to spend a moment to share with you exactly how these bHIP family of Energy Drinks can do exactly that.

First off I will acknowlege that, yes! Most Energy Drinks out there in the market are infact that toxic that if you could go inside your body while drinking them you would come out vowing you would NEVER open another can of energy drink ever again! While I hope that you never open energy drinks made in cans again I do hope you have opened your mind for finding Energy Drinks Healthy, Organic and packed full of goodness. This is where bHIP comes in and just for your benefit I will share with you a chart highlighting the major differences between the top selling energy drinks and one of our products bHIP Energy.

Energy Drinks comparison chart
Energy Drinks comparison chart

Straight away you should be able to see there are some BIG differences here with the most notable one being the amount of sugar in each of these drinks with bHIP Energy trumping everyone with only 2grams of sugar. It doesn’t stop there. How about we take a look at the calorie count. Most of us are very calorie conscious now and are taking care of not only what we put in our bodies but also how much we put in. bHIP Energy has 24 calories while it’s competitors all break into 100 calories or more. There are many other differences highlighted here on this chart but another HUGE difference which you will only find out should you purchase this product is that it comes in a powdered form locking in all it’s nutrients before releasing all the vitamins and minerals when added to water the life blood from the earth. If a small sachet (the size of a business card) of bHIP Energy when added to water can give you at least a litre of an all Natural Energy Beverage with only 24 calories and 2grams of sugar then what are the cans of Energy Drinks made up of? Why would you want to even entertain the thought of consuming it?

So how can bHIP Energy impact your life?

  • Helps eliminate sugars without eliminating sweet drinks all together
  • Gives you a healthy boost of energy without the crash or jitters
  • Hydrates the body with the life blood of the earth, water
  • By eliminating sugars and caffeine you help ease PMS and other irritations
  • Low caloric drink means you can eat more healthy nutritious foods to maintain good health and assist in fat loss
  • Clean energy source to get you through long days at work, mums duties, workouts at the gym..etc
  • It is make to keep you healthy, active and young

If you believe Energy Drinks Healthy, Organic and Jam packed with goodness is for you and your family, be sure to get your box today. You will not regret it! Your family will be thanking you for it!!